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16870 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, California 92127
United States

(858) 485-6535


Personal Injury Attorney

Taking the complex out of complex litigation.

*Currently Assisting Those Affected by the Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire, and the 2017 North Bay Wildfires

(Additional Information Coming Soon)

At the Law Offices of Alexander M. Schack, we bring personal service to every case, however big or small. Over the years, we’ve successfully represented consumers and small to mid-size businesses in a variety of cases and areas, including employment disputes, antitrust, consumer protection, business litigation, mass actions and more. From a California class action on behalf of smokeless tobacco users, to a nationwide class action on behalf of convenience store franchisees, our firm’s cases are diverse and often groundbreaking.

We understand what it takes to get results for our clients. Our history of success involves eight-figure settlements in complex areas of law, including antitrust price-fixing, and franchise disputes. We also understand that the best approach to any case is one that involves the client. At the Law Offices of Alexander M. Schack, we believe in delivering the highest level of legal services in a way that places the client relationship first. We will work with you to understand the issues of your case, simplify the complex issues, and develop a litigation plan that involves you, the client. 

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