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16870 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, California 92127
United States

(858) 485-6535

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About Us


Our law offices began in 1991 serving small businesses in the cellular telephone industry. Since then we have expanded our base to include a variety of cases and clients. We have a comprehensive and diverse practice that is unique among law firms. Our lawyers have litigated claims in the areas of consumer fraud, franchise disputes, antitrust, breach of contract, personal injury, false advertising, pyramid schemes, and more recently product liability and wildfire cases. We represent plaintiffs in class and mass actions as well as in individual lawsuits.  While our practice focuses on actions in California, it often also works on cases throughout the country.  


We believe that what makes our practice unique is our focus on the clients.  Regardless of the type of case, whether it’s a class action, a mass action, or an individual action, each client receives individualized service and attention.  We’ll work with you to understand the unique issues of your case and develop an approach that involves you, the client.  

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