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Current Investigations


The sale of “As seen on TV” products is a multi-billion dollar industry which targets consumers largely through infomercials.  Many of these products do not work the way they are advertised, are made of low-quality materials causing them to fail or break soon after using and are the source of numerous complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  In addition, shipping and handling prices (which are not refunded, even when the consumer returns the product within the warranty period) are often as high as 79% of the product price.


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a Federal law that limits the behavior and actions of debt collectors who are attempting to collect the debt for another person or entity. The law restricts the means and methods by which they can contact the debtor, as well as the time of day that contact can be made.  The purpose of this law is to protect debtors from harassment by third-party debt collectors (such as those working for a collection agency).  Such harassment can be in the form of threats of arrest or bodily harm if you don't pay, implying that they represent law enforcement, making multiple phone calls daily or calling you at work if you refuse to take such calls or calling before or after certain hours of the day.  If violated, suit may be brought within one year to collect damages and attorney fees.


In the past few years, there have been numerous recalls and lawsuits filed against manufacturers of hip replacement implants (especially metal-on-metal systems) and cash settlements are now being reached.  Many of these systems have failed to work properly, causing pain, swelling, loosening of the stem and in some cases further surgery from failure of the device.  Some of the manufacturers and/or products included in these suits include: 
Stryker Hip Implants
Biomet M2a 38
Biomet Magnum
Birmingham Hip Replacement
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing - (BHR) system
Depuy ASR
DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System
Depuy Pinnacle
Dynasty Hip Implant
Johnson & Johnson
Metal on Metal Hip Implants
Smith & Nephew R3
Stryker Rejuvenate
Stryker ABG II
Wright Medical Hip Implants
Zimmer Nexgen
Zimmer Durom Cup


A marketing strategy in which individuals earn commissions  on their own sales as well as the sales of the individuals they recruit into the business.  These recruits then hire more individuals, and so forth. The recruited sales force is often referred to as an individual’s “downline.”  The Federal Trade Commission views these types of organizations– especially those who create greater incentives for recruitment  over sales – with heavy skepticism.


Pyramid schemes are scams dressed up as legitimate businesses in which members make a profit by recruiting other members. The biggest difference between a multi-level marketing company and an illegal pyramid scheme is the MLM has a tangible product that is sells.

 We’re always investigating new areas.  If there’s something you believe we should look into, please feel free to contact our office.