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Mass Torts

what it is

When many parties are similarly injured by a single product or event, this is deemed a mass tort. If pursued legally, the mass tort then becomes a civil action which has many plaintiffs involved against one or more corporate defendants. 

The intention of mass tort litigation is to allow those injured parties whose injuries occurred in a similar manner to have their collective claims represented at the same time, saving time and money for the plaintiffs, as well as the courts. 

Mass tort litigation encompasses product liability claims, antitrust claims, and man-made disasters on a large scale, such as plant explosions, plane crashes, and wildfires. The Law Offices of Alexander M. Schack has worked on several wildfire disaster cases. Our office successfully settled hundreds of claims arising out of the 2007 San Diego Wildfires and is currently working with plaintiffs of the 2011 Reno/Caughlin Wildfires. 

Past Mass Tort Actions

Asbestos Exposure
Breast Implants
Tobacco Products
Defective Drugs
Defective/Dangerous Products